Frayser convenience store closed as a public nuisance

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A new sign was plastered on the doors of J & R Food Mart after the Frayser convenience store was declared a public nuisance and shutdown by the District Attorney’s Office.

“This petition is filed in an effort to stop a long-term and worsening pattern of criminal conduct at J & R Mart,” Amy Weirich said in the petition. “The property is an uncontrolled danger and nuisance, serving as a haven for extensive drug-related sales and activity, criminal disturbances and other dangerous behavior.”

Word spread fast.

“They actually shut the store down!” exclaimed one shocked customer. “Very upset. That’s the closest store to my house!”

Other neighbors drove by just to get the scoop and share pictures of police there earlier today.

According to authorities, police have been called to J & R Food Mart on Corning Street 69 times in the past year alone for various criminal activities including drug trafficking, robberies, armed persons, aggravated assaults, and vandalism.

During one incident in 2015 a man was shot in the thigh after agreeing to meet someone about a Craigslist ad in the parking lot. He was robbed of $600 and his cell phone.

Earlier this year, another man wanted for drug tracking was found hiding in the store’s walk-in freezer. He had tried to hide marijuana and Xanax nearby.

“There’s too much traffic at the store. They don’t buy things at the store. They just be hanging out.”

Ebony Griffin grew up next to the store and said it’s a popular place. It is located less than a mile from Corning Elementary School and less than half a mile from the Georgian Hills Church of God.

There are also three apartment complexes nearby.

“This is really the closest store in the area that’s really walking distance,” Griffin told WREG.

Maps of the area placed nearby stores at least a ten minute walk away. Some neighbors said they’re concerned this closing now leaves them stranded in a food desert.

“I’m so mad that it happened. They really help us. If you got no money, and you need something, they give it to you.”


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