Frayser church holds food drive during pandemic

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Frayser church is holding a food drive while people are out of jobs due to businesses shutting down because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Impact Baptist Church is hosting it.

“This is something that we do, its in our DNA,” Pastor Michael Charles Ellis said. “We are feeding people because that’s what Jesus said to do.”

Ellis said says to give graciously is the norm. What is not the norm is the growing number of people who are disadvantaged.

“One word, need. There is a need and I think it’s the churches responsibility to meet the needs of the people,” Ellis said.

Church members went to meet people waiting in line right at their car.

“Like me, I didn’t get my check because my job got shut down and they are short on food and they have kids and families,” Tiffany Snipes said. “I feel this helps.”

Ellis says the need is great and he’s hoping the 150 boxes of food will help those in need.

“Hopefully they will remember when this is over with, the church was here for them,” Ellis said.

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