Fox Meadows residents worried after 70 crimes reported in two months

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some tenants of the Eden at Watersedge apartments woke up to crime tape and flashing lights outside of their building Friday morning after police responded to a shooting there around 9 a.m.

Within the last month and within a half mile of the apartment complex, there have been five reported incidents to police. Within the last two months, that number is at 70.

“Ever since December or some time like that, there’s been a lot of shootings around here,” one resident said.

Police are around the complex often.

One tenant of the apartments has only been living there for three months, and he’s already learned of the high rate of crime.

He said the gunshots in the Fox Meadows neighborhood are constant, leaving him in fear.

When we told him about the shooting that happened Friday morning, he was not at all shocked. He was more curious as to why he had not heard about it.

“Every time it’s a homicide or crime going on, we just see the crime scene tape,” he said. “They don`t tell us nothing.”

Police looked for answers after the shooting victim was transported to the hospital in non-critical condition. Tenants said all they can do is pay attention to their surroundings and stay alert.

“I just stay out the way,” the resident said. “I wish everyone else would be out the way and stop all this killing and stuff going on out here.”

Anyone with suspect information is asked to call Crimestoppers at 528-CASH.

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