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CRITTENDEN COUNTY, Ark. — Three men have been arrested in the shooting of a man in Earle, Arkansas and authorities are looking for a fourth, but the suspects all share one thing in common.

All four men are named Stacy Abram.

“It makes quite a bit confusing,” said Todd Grooms, the chief investigator with the Crittenden County Sheriff’s Department.

The Crittenden County Sheriff’s Office said it happened Feb. 17 in Earle.

“On this particular incident we’d received information that possibly two individuals we had warrants on were at the Dollar General and were brandishing weapons. We responded. One of them was one of the guys we were looking for. Other arrests were made,” Grooms said.

Three of the suspects were arrested Sunday in Earle. They are:

  • Stacy Orlando Abram, 27, charged with terroristic threatening and first-degree battery
  • Stacy Shunta Abram, 31, charged with illegal possession of a firearm
  • Stacy Abram Jr., 68, charged with furnishing a prohibited weapon to a felon
Stacy Malcolm Abram. Crittenden County authorities are still looking for him in connections with the shooting of an Earle man.

Grooms says deputies found a number of weapons in two separate vehicles, including a loaded AK assault rifle. Stacy Malcolm Abram fled the scene and is wanted for a Thanksgiving Day shooting in Earle.

Stacy Shunta Abram was charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.
Stacy Abram Jr., the father, is charged with furnishing some of the weapons. But he said us by phone he and his family did nothing wrong in the store.

“We had our guns in our holster there and one of the employees saw us with the gun in our holster and to my knowledge he went and told the police that we were flashing our guns or something,” Stacy Abram Jr. said.

Abram also says he and his family have been the victims of violence, with their house and vehicles shot up several times. Chief Grooms wouldn’t comment on other aspects of the investigation only admitting that dealing with suspects who share the first and last name makes things a little complicated.

“When you’re going out and you’re trying to find answers and you’re talking to witnesses or you’re talking to people in the city, asking about those names, or what happened. A lot of times they’ll give you that name, but then you’ll say, which one was it?” Grooms said.

Deputies are still searching for Stacy Malcolm Abram. Anyone with information on his location should call Crime Stoppers at 870-732-4444.