Four more teens arrested in July 4 downtown attack

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Four more teenagers have been arrested in a July 4 attack against a couple on Riverside Drive, Memphis Police announced Monday. That brings the total number of arrests in the case to five: two 16-year old girls, one 16-year-old boy and two 15-year-old boys. One boy was arrested shortly after the incident. The four arrested most recently have been charged with aggravated assault. A witness to the incident told police he was up on a hill when he saw a 15-year-old boy throw fireworks into a crowd of people. The firework hit a man in the group and he went to confront the teen.
That’s when the suspect reportedly hit the victim multiple times in the face before three other suspects joined in. A woman who was with the victim told police that two members of the group then turned on her. The Shelby County Juvenile Court said violent crime among juveniles is up 68% this year. “When I have a 14- or 15- or 16-year-old in front of me charged with a violent crime, it’s sad because they’ve messed up their future,” Judge Dan Michael said. “It’s heartbreaking as a judge to have to rule in those cases. It’s really tough because I’m watching the future slip away.” He’s and County Commission Chairman Van Turner are hopeful law enforcement, government officials and the entire community can come together to provide these kids an alternative to committing crime. “If we provide options, I think we improve at least our chances, be it at the swimming pool, be it at these other constructive activities and not throwing fireworks on people,” Turner said. Memphis police wouldn’t say in they plan to make any more arrests in this case, but said the investigation is moving forward.  


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