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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Four men are in police custody after allegedly attacking a father holding his infant daughter outside an Orange Mound McDonald’s.

This all happened as the man was walking back to his car at the McDonald’s near Airways and Lamar Tuesday afternoon. Police said that’s when he was attacked by the four men all while holding his baby daughter.

The victim says he was put in a headlock and chocked.

He was able to get a gun out of his car to fight back and ended up firing shots, striking one of the crooks.

Court documents said one of the suspects then grabbed the victim’s gun and they took off.

But it wasn’t hard for police to find these suspects.

Within minutes, police found Cortez Cole, Quinton Webb, Terrell Pullen and Ladarius Pugues at a fire station on Lamar. Pugues was taken to the hospital for a gunshot wound, but he’s expected to be okay.

Pughes, Webb and Pullen all have the same listed address.

We went there Wednesday and met a man who says he’s Webb’s father and Pullen and Pughes’ grandfather.

He claims this wasn’t a random robbery.

“Everybody knows each other.”

The man, who did not want to give his name, says the group has had problems in the past so the guys went to talk to the victim. He admits they didn’t handle themselves correctly.

“I’m hurt. But other than that, the law has got to take its course.”

He says his family members did not have a gun.

“Terrell, he was trying to make a career for himself and his child.”

As far as the violence breaking out in public with a child so close, he says that should never have happened.

“When is comes to my children, regardless of who they are, that little girl that he had with her, that’s my future. I’m not going to knock him about my future because all children are my future.”

All four suspects are charged with robbery.

WREG talked to a man who witnessed it all and called 911 for help. He played a part in finding these suspects.

“I also told her, ‘be advised, if anybody comes to a hospital or anywhere right away with gunshots, it’ll nine times out of 10 be the suspect robbers.’ Of course, that’s exactly what happened.”

It’s still not clear if the victim is facing any charges for firing his weapon.

Records show Cortez Cole, who is not a family member of the man we talked to, listed as the one carrying the gun.