City adamant Riverside Drive will remain two lanes

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Thursday evening, an angry crowd told city leaders they want Riverside Drive back to four lanes alongside Tom Lee Park.

This was the second input meeting after the changes were made.

The road is now one lane in each direction, with two lanes dedicated to biking, jogging and walking.

Many say the road is now dangerous for driving, and several accidents have already taken place.

There’s also the question of whether the bike lanes are being used.

Most people at the meeting want all four lanes of traffic returned, but city officials did not include that as an option in any of the four alternative plans presented:

Alternative plan A would include bike lanes closer to the river and street parking against the bluff, with two lanes of traffic between them.

Alternative plan B would have bike lanes closer to the river, with a parking lane separating them from two lanes of traffic.

Alternative plan C would have bike lanes on both sides of Riverside, with two traffic lanes in the middle.

Alternative plan D would include a middle turn lane, with bike lanes closer to the river.

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