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(Memphis) A Memphis woman who has fostered and even adopted a number of kids now finds herself without a home.

Sarita Patrick, her four adopted kids, one foster child and three relatives where inside her home on Poplar Pike in East Memphis when it caught fire two weeks ago.

Since then, she has gotten little help finding a new place to live and said her young kids are lacking what they need most — stability.

“It’s been awful. They just got to a point where they trust, and so with them not having a foundation, it’s like we are back to square one on trusting,” said Patrick.

Patrick said her landlord knew about a leaking AC unit that caused the fire.

She’s upset the landlord didn’t get it fixed and isn’t doing anything to help her recover.

“You would never think that something like that could happen, especially when it’s a problem you knew existed and kept calling about,” said Patrick.

She says a day after the fire, the company that manages the rental boarded up the house so she wasn’t able to try to salvage anything.

She says the company hasn’t given her deposit back yet and told her if she wanted to move into another house she would have to start the application process all over again.

Patrick had renter’s insurance, but says it will only begin to cover all the items they lost in the fire.

She says kids are her passion and she plans to foster again, but first she needs a new home.

“I’m not used to being in this situation. The tables are turned. It’s uncomfortable.”

We contacted the company that manages the property to find out why she hadn’t gotten her deposit back yet, but so far have not heard back from the owner of the company.