Forrest City woman takes matters into her hands, holds attempted burglar at gunpoint

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FORREST CITY, Ark.-- Tired of being a victim, a Forrest City, Arkansas woman took matters into her own hands and held an accused burglar at gunpoint.

31-year-old James Ray Davis is facing charges after Forrest City Police said he burglarized her business multiple times.

“I had it like this," explained Lisa Douglas as she held her hand in the shape of a gun.

Douglas walked WREG's Shay Arthur through how she stopped an accused burglar from striking again.

"I knew that he was in here with me or I was in here with him whichever way we wanted to see it," said Douglas.

The 45-year-old single mother was nervous.

"I’m no Clint Eastwood by any means, like I said I was scared to death," she explained with a slight smile.

But she pushed the feeling aside to remain in control.

Outside of her business shards of glass sit at the bottom of broken out windows where the accused thief attempted to break in. However it's not the only window, several others are boarded up too, a sign of where the thief broke in multiple times before.

"Come in, take whatever they wanted and trash the place or both and then leave out the front," she explained.

Douglas said this had happened three times since December. The most recent less than 48 hours ago. Determined it wouldn’t happen again Douglas decided she was going to stay the night and protect the place.

Armed with her gun, right before she took a nap Wednesday night, the last thing she did was pray.

"Just God let me be safe and I had no longer got that thought out of my head and I heard something at the window and I thought, ‘Oh that’s gotta be wind—that can’t be somebody coming in.'"

But someone was coming in. Douglas immediately ran to the kitchen, called 911, let a dispatcher know what was happening and kept them on the phone.

"I waited for him to come around and there he came. He got right there and I told him to stop and put his hands up."

Douglas was face to face with James Ray Davis. Police said he’s responsible for the other burglaries and has a long rap sheet.

"I let him know I did not want to shoot him."

Police arrived minutes later and Davis was arrested. Douglas said while she was scared, she would relive the moment in a heartbeat to protect her livelihood.

She knows having a carry permit might not be for everyone but said no one should feel unsafe in their home or business.

“If you're not comfortable with a gun you can use a taser. There's a ton of things to keep yourself safe, family safe, and still be a legal, law abiding citizen.”

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