Forrest City residents seek action after viral Facebook video

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FORREST CITY, Ark. — “It’s time to speak out in Forrest City, Arkansas. It’s time to speak out the right way.”

Police and community tensions are high in Forrest City, Arkansas after a video surfaced on Facebook last week of a police officer putting a gun to a man’s back inside a local Walmart store.

But just five minutes into the protest Arsenio Clinton was arrested for standing on a public sidewalk.

“I was falsely arrested,” he told WREG’s Kristen Holloway.

“Don’t block my street and don’t block my sidewalk” was the argument from Forrest City police for most of the protest.

“Just don’t block the side walk,” one officer was heard saying.

“It’s a public sidewalk.”

“I understand that just don’t block it.”

After several minutes, police allowed them to continue peacefully.

“We all matter. Just because you got a badge, you don’t have to prove no point that you bad cause you got a badge. It’s about respect. If I respect you, I want my same respect.”

Latonya Washington said if Walmart surveillance video were to be released everyone would be able to see if the officer’s actions were justified.

“What if that gun would’ve went off and all them kids was in there beside him?”

WREG reached out to the police about the video. They said they are waiting for more information from Walmart and they can’t comment.

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