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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  The former leader of redevelopment in the Memphis community is no longer facing charges for sexual misconduct.

At one point, nine people had come forward, bringing sexual allegations against Robert Lipscomb.

On Thursday, the district attorney’s office decided to not move forward with the case.

Over a year ago, Lipscomb was the director of Housing and Community Development, but that all crumbled when sexual allegations were made against him.

Police first looked into Lipscomb in 2010 when a 26-year-old reportedly called and said Lipscomb had sexually assaulted him 10 years prior.

A police report said the two knew each other, and Lipscomb offered the teen a ride home, but then pulled over on a side street.

The victim said Lipscomb pressured him to perform sex acts for money.

WREG spoke to him anonymously after the allegations.

“Taking a man’s manhood is like taking a life,” he said. “You can’t give it back, you can’t replace it, you can’t repay it.”

The case came to light again last year when the victim complained again and eight others came forward with their own stories.

All of which Lipscomb and his attorney denied.

Lipscomb resigned from being HDC director and was suspended from the lead role with the Memphis housing authority.

Now the district attorney’s office says with no new information, they’re no longer going to pursue charges for these cases.

And said it’s unlikely they will again.

We went to Lipscomb’s last known addresses and reached out to his attorney about this, but never heard back.

We also reached out to the district attorney but was told they’re not doing interviews at this time.

Court records for the case should be released soon.