Former employees claim workers are not being properly paid by staffing agency

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SARDIS, Miss. — Some north Mississippi women are speaking out, saying employees at a plastics company are not being properly compensated for their work.

With frustration in her voice Thursday afternoon, Belinda Guzman said enough is enough.

She and her sister, Alejandra Guzman, say the blame falls on the staffing company, ASI Group Corporation.

They say checks are bouncing or it's taking months to be paid.

The sisters say they're tired of getting the run around, and something must be done to help the employees.

"There's something wrong with that. People need their money, they're working so hard for that,"  Belinda said.

Her sister Alejandra says ASI Group is not properly compensating employees they contract to work at United Solutions, a plastics factory in Panola County.

"United Solutions pays ASI to pay us. For some reason the checks are either not there or they're short," Alejandra said.

The sisters are no longer contracted by ASI.

Belinda says she was let go after speaking out.

She showed us receipts of bounced checks and says the company would tell employees to only cash their checks at certain places.

But after awhile, those places stopped taking the checks.

"As soon as they see the check, 'Oh no the check is no good, sorry we cannot cash it,'" Guzman said.

The two sisters might not work with ASI anymore but they wanted to talk to WREG because they're concerned about the other employees trying to feed their families, too scared to say anything.

WREG went to United Solutions in the Sardis area, a window of the company had a sign referencing ASI and when to get a paycheck.

The person at the location wouldn't say if he was familiar with the problem and said we needed to call ASI's headquarters, it's listed online as in Massachusetts.

WREG called two different numbers for the company but neither provided an option to leave a message.

However, WREG started looking into this case earlier this week. WREG was able to get in contact with someone Wednesday.

A woman who answered the phone said the company was aware of the situation and they're reimbursing the employees.

When asked for an official statement the woman on the other end of the line quickly hung up.

The Guzman's just want their former hardworking coworkers to be paid properly.

"People work for this money, we working so hard for that money and it's not right," Belinda said.

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