Former employee, tenant at Oxford House accused of cashing checks


David Afpel

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Shelby County man was arrested after stealing thousands from a company he used to work for.

According to the police report, David Apfel was a tenant at Oxford House, a sober living facility, when he forged 15 checks and then cashed them.

Investigators said Apfel sent a text message to the treasurer of the facility on December 11 saying that the man’s boss had told Apfel to come by and pick up the checks to pay state dues. Being the previous treasurer, the employee told police he didn’t suspect anything and gave him the checks.

About a month later, the boss found out about the incident and reportedly demanded that Apfel give them back. He refused, she said.

Paperwork from the bank showed that in that time period Apfel wrote 15 checks to himself totaling $4,254.

Apfel was arrested and charged with forgery and theft of property.

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