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BOLIVAR, Tn- A former Bolivar city councilwoman was sentenced Tuesday to two years of community corrections.

Brenda Woods was convicted in March for procuring illegal voters in the city’s 2009 municipal elections.

Three people, two of whom are related to Woods, testified that they had felony convictions on their records in May of 2009 when voted.

At the time, Woods was running for mayor and for city council.

Woods lost the mayor’s race, but won the council seat.

The witnesses, who were granted immunity for testifying, said Woods took them to the polls at separate times to vote for her, even though she knew they were felons.

The witnesses said Woods “assured them they could still vote,” but an investigation later revealed their voting rights had not been restored.

A circuit court judge suspended Woods’ original sentence, which was concurrent terms of two years in prison.

Community corrections entails intensive community-based supervision and treatment provided by agencies contracted by the state.

Woods cannot vote or run for elected office because of her conviction.

As a result of her convictions, Woods can no longer vote or run for elected office.