For baby’s safety, lose the thick jackets in the car


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NEW YORK — Before heading out on the road in these cold temperatures some parents may be thinking too much about their child’s comfort and not enough about their safety when strapping them into their car seat.

When Tamara Tahay gets ready to put her youngest in his car seat there’s a couple things she always checks for.

“We first make sure that the car seat is snugged in.”

Then once he’s in the seat she adds an extra layer.

“Any extra warmth they need in the cold weather we use a blanket on top of the car seat so that we don’t have any extra puffiness underneath the strap.”

That’s a safety tip that Carlee McConnell at Dell Children’s says parents often miss.

“In a crash, their jacket can compress and there’s space between the kids and the harness which means they could come out of their car seat potentially.”

Experts say any space that’s lose enough for your to pinch, is too much space for your child.

“We recommend using a thin jacket, maybe like a fleece type jacket if you have one or taking the jacket off of the kid, putting it on backwards over the harness.”

McConnell says these tips can minimize your child’s risk of being seriously injured in an accident.

“The most kind of serious injuries we see here are kids that are in a car crash. Sometimes thankfully the kid is okay because they were in a car seat correctly, but other times they’ll have injuries that could have been prevented if they were snug in a car seat.”

A good rule Tahay follows every time is to put safety first.

“We just want to make sure their nice and secure in the seat first and then we make sure they’re comfy with a warm blanket on top of that.”

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