Food Stamp Recipients to See Change in Deposits

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(Memphis) A new EBT schedule goes into effect Monday.

Funds will be loaded onto cards over 20 days instead of 10. The last two digits of recipients Social Security Number will determine when funds will be disbursed.

For example, if the last two digits of a recipient’s social are between 95 and 99, their EBT card will be replenished on Oct. 20.

“I don’t think they should switch the days like that, because it’s already hard to keep food.  Them food stamps don’t last that long,” said food stamp recipient Latoya Love.

Love works over thirty hours a week but still needs food stamps to get by. 

She received a letter from the state saying she would still get her deposits at the beginning of the month based on her social security number, but her mother, who also relies on an EBT card must wait, “She used to get hers on the third and now she has to wait until the twentieth, but she can barely keep food in her house now.”

The change comes because grocery stores are being slammed at the beginning of every month when recipients get money put on their EBT card.

The state is telling recipients they may get their money later than normal, but the amount will stay the same. 

“I think it’s cause for worry.  But you know our government programs have glitches sometimes and people who are dependent on those are very dependent on those,” said Star Adams.

The state is asking grocers to donate to local food banks.  in-case people need food during the one time delay.

If you have any questions you should contact the officer where you applied for food stamps.

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