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ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — It appears a bike shop owner took matters into his own hands when burglars broke into his store.

The accused burglars, Jose Gonzalez and Michael Eller, told deputies the owner, Robert Antley, confronted them with a gun then tortured them for hours, WFTV reported.

The reported torture includes the owner making them strip down to their underwear and beating them. The burglars said Antley also threatened to kill them.

Antley told deputies he had been sleeping in his store because it had been burglarized several other times.

He said he couldn’t call 911 to report this burglary because his cellphone’s battery died and the suspects cut the wires of the store’s phone.

Eller said after about an hour, Antley’s brother, Joshua Antley, and his brother’s girlfriend, Kathryn Pallicio, showed up, at which point the suspects were moved to the store’s bathroom and were beaten for more than an hour.

Robert Antley said he did call 911 when his brother got to the store, but deputies could not confirm this.

All five — Gonzalez, Eller, Robert Antley, Joshua Antley and Pallicio — were arrested, but Robert Antley has since bonded out.

Legal analyst Bill Sheaffer told WFTV owners have a right to protect themselves and their property, but they must do so in a way that is “reasonable, necessary and lawful.”