Floodwaters linger in Hardeman, McNairy counties

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HARDEMAN COUNTY, Tenn. — Schools were closed again Monday in McNairy and Hardeman counties as the rising water swallowed roads. Even though the rains have finally stopped, there are lingering concerns from residents.

“My farm is about 700 acres. Right now, I have about 400 underwater,” said Chris Cooper. “It’s a mess. It really is.”

Cooper’s cattle farm near Bolivar has been nearly engulfed in water since Friday morning. The Hatchie River is just about a mile away.
The water spilled into his farm, covering parts of Peavine Road and trapping some of his cattle.

Cooper says because of the flooding, he has to drive 20 miles to get to the other side of his farm.

“I have about 30 (cattle) on that end that are mostly affected by the water,” he said.

Susie Kessler passed through the area Monday. She’s a teacher, but had the day off since schools were closed another day due to the flooding .

“It’s scary. I think, more about the high school kids driving through that. Our bus drivers are pretty safe,” she said.

Cooper just hopes it clears up soon, but is afraid it won’t since the water doesn’t have a current.

“It’s still coming up in my pasture, so I don’t know if I’ll have to move cattle or not,” he said.

Hardeman County Schools has cancelled class again on Tuesday, February 26.

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