Flooding forces road closure on Mud Island

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Flooding fears are growing in the Mid-South as the water continues to rise.

Relentless rounds of rain have inundated the area over the past couple of weeks, flooding the Mississippi River, and now, the Wolf River Harbor.

Island Place on Mud Island, just off Island Drive, was shut down over the weekend because it’s completely covered in water.

“Just yesterday we drove down through here, and then all of a sudden you could just see the water start to come up. By the time we came back a little earlier in the afternoon, it was blocked off,” said Kevin Samov.

Sunday, runners and bikers had to find another place to work out, and drivers turned around to take the only other exit from Island Place.

“It’s going to be chaotic tomorrow morning when people start going to work, because this is the major exit out of the island, but everybody is now forced to use the other one,” said Kachi Acholem, who lives right next to Wolf River Harbor.

Inconvenience aside, with more rain in the forecast, residents are worried the water is going to keep coming right up to their homes.

“It is a little concerning,” Samov said. “Hopefully we’ll be ok. Hopefully we’re high enough.”

The water on Island Place is rising quickly. Within just a few minutes, WREG crews watched a dry portion of the road become covered in inches of water.

“If the water keeps rising, we could have a very desperate situation here,” Acholem said. “I would like to see the government – the local government – take action and help the residents here have some peace of mind.”

He suggested the city install drainage pipes or an outlet for the water to flow away from the neighborhood.

“It’s getting worse so, yes, I’m a little concerned,” Acholem said. “It could destroy a lot of houses.”

The Mississippi River has risen more than 12 feet in less than two weeks.

It’s expected to crest at 39-feet on Friday morning.

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