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(SOUTHAVEN, MS) Fred Spearman rents a home where his fence is knocked down and the ground in his yard is caving in. He blames rushing flood water, which he says flows past his backdoor every time there’s a hard rain.

“It sounds like you`re on the shore of the ocean somewhere”, said Spearman.

Neighbors all over Carriage Hill Estates, near Main Street took their anger to the board of aldermen last week. It was so many people the mayor sent them in the hallway to have a separate meeting with the city operation manager, but they said the meeting didn’t bring any hope.

“It seems like we`ve been getting band-aids and we`ve been requesting solutions” added one neighbor.

Their alderman Lorine Cady lives one street over but residents say she hasn’t brought about any real fix, despite being their neighbor.

Fred Spearman says the shifting ground is now impacting his house. He wants to be taken seriously.

“Eventually they`ll get tired of being on the news and homeowners complain about it and maybe something will get done about it”, said Spearman.