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(Memphis) Memphis City Councilman Shea Flinn crossed the trolley tracks Wednesday to propose the county and city consider a trade.

Flinn wants to hand over responsibility of the Memphis Animal Shelter to the county.

In exchange Flinn wants to the city to run school security with in the city limits, “Shelby County doesn’t have an animal shelter. When they need an animal shelter they come to us and we think this should be the Shelby County Animal Shelter.”

Flinn thinks the county could save money in the exchange, but did present any break down to prove the savings to commissioners.

“Miracles do happen. When the city council and the county commission can come together and save money that’s a good thing,” said county commissioner Terry Roland.

The City of Memphis already provides school security to city schools in addition to the security that Memphis City Schools provides.

Flinn said since the city doesn’t have start up cost, it would be cheaper for them to run school security.

“There is a certain sense in having neighborhood people who are familiar with those neighborhoods and familiar with those schools continuing to serve those same schools in the same neighborhood,” said Commissioner Steve Mulroy.

The county administration is coming up with a cost comparison for county commissioners to consider before making a decision.