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DESOTO CO., Miss. – WREG has been tracking the potential for severe weather Thursday, and one of the issues we’ve monitored throughout the day is flash flooding throughout the Mid-South.

Cars attempted to cruise through high water in parts of Shelby County, while big rigs got waterlogged to the south in DeSoto County.

Severe weather has been moving through the South and Mid-South Thursday, similar to what we saw around this time last week.

Josh Harper, deputy director of Desoto County Emergency Services and his team spent today preparing for any weather possibility. He says so far things have been good.

“We dodged a big bullet last week. We really ramped up,” Harper said. “Just like anything else, it could change at any time.”

When it comes to flash flooding, his message is to be vigilant if you see deep water.

“Don’t try to drive through it. Water levels can rise very quickly as it can run off and go in low-lying areas,” Harper said.

Parts of Mid-South at risk for severe weather Thursday; some street flooding reported

Thankfully, throughout the day Thursday they saw minimal impact to several flood prone spots, like Holly Springs Road.

“You know they’re currently working on that mitigation project to raise Holly Springs Road, and it’s not complete yet, won’t be complete for another year or two,” Harper said. “So, it’s still prone to flooding. We had to close it for a minimal amount of time last week.”

Besides flooding, there’s also the potential for high winds and tornados.