First Murder of the Year in Forrest City, AR

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(Forrest City, AR) Forrest City has had its first murder of the year.

Police are searching for the person who shot and killed a man sitting inside his own home.

People living nearby believe they know who did it.

The house is now empty and riddled with eight bullet holes.

One of the holes represents the shot that killed a 21-year-old Joey Rucker.

Rucker had a criminal history and, from what neighbors say, had a couple of enemies as well.

“Another guy had been shot in the arm and he was going to retaliate,” said Next Door Neighbor Ann White.

White says that was the word on the street before the shots rang out Thursday evening, “They say he started to run to the back of my house but he changed direction and ran in front of my house."

White wasn't home at the time but she says neighbors saw the man with the gun, “They are saying it’s a tall black skinny guy with dreadlocks.”

People say they recognized the man's face as someone who lives in the neighborhood.

Forrest City Police say they've heard that story too but detectives are still investigating, and interviewing witnesses to get the right person in custody.

While the criminal is loose, those on Ash Street say they don't believe they're in any danger.

“No I don't bother nobody. I'm a strong woman,” said White.

“I have the good Lord on my side. I don't have to worry about that,” said Delbert Hamilton, who lives across the street from man who was shot and killed.

But neighbors say they do hope the first murder of year in Forrest City will be the last.

“This is a nice city but it's getting to be pretty rough now,” said Hamilton.

“Stuff like this has been going on in Forrest City for too long,” said White.
“It needs to stop.”

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to call the Forrest City Police Department.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who has information that can lead to the conviction of the killer.

That number is 870-261-1499

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