Fired worker allegedly threatens former boss with handgun

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police say a manager for “Nu Era Pest Control” was leaving a job at a convenience store near I-40 and Covington Pike last week when he spotted a recently fired employee named Toriano Jones staring at him.

Investigators say Jones waited for the manager to get in his car, then walked to the driver’s side window with a gun saying, “I can kill you right now”. The weapon was a handgun, and, by all accounts, a lot of people thought he was angry enough to use it.

Police say the manager threw his car into reverse, backed out of the parking lot, and sped to a fire station across the street where he called 911.

Mersa’e Ward is glad the manager got away.

“You know what I’m saying? Folks got families, folks got kids, all that,” he said.

He says he would have sped off too once he saw that gun come out.

“I ain’t even finna look at him like, ‘Oh no. He has a gun. It’s over with.’ Lock everything. I’m gone. It’s just like that,” Ward said.

We went to Nu Era’s Memphis office to find out why Jones was fired, but that manager wasn’t there and neither was anyone else would could tell us what happened.

In the end, Jones mad a bad situation worse. Not only did he lose his job, but he might lose his freedom. He’s charged with aggravated assault.

“So, he really can’t get no job. So, he really lost two ways,” Ward says.

Jones is due in court Thursday.

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