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(Corinth, MS) There’s new information about a fire that destroyed an indoor flea market and an adjacent discount store in Corinth, Miss.

The gas to the building was turned off a day before the fire after business owners smelled gas inside Tina’s Treasures on Highway 72.

Tina’s Treasures and Briley’s Discount Clothing attracted customers from Corinth and North Mississippi.

Now, the fire has one business owner wondering if his store will re-open.

“It was devastating standing there watching your entire business go up in flames.”

Chad Humphries is co-owner of Briley’s Discount Clothing in Corinth next to Tina’s Treasures.

Humphries was helpless to do anything Tuesday night as we watched fire race from the antique store through his family’s 10-year-old business.

“I was hoping and praying and walking around and just hoping it didn’t burn everything and ruin everything. But unfortunately it got everything,” said Humphries.

Humphries said he doesn’t know if his family will rebuild.

Briley’s Discount as well as Tina’s Treasures remain boarded up as business owners await the findings of the Mississippi State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Corinth’s Fire Chief, Billy Briggs, said Tina’s Treasures was a maze of antiques, wood, paper and boxes.

“There are 94 booths set up in this building. The building’s square footage is actually 27,000 square feet,” said Chief Briggs.

There’s no indication a gas leak reported Monday morning could have caused the fire, since the gas was turned off well before the fire was called in to 9-1-1 Tuesday night.

The buildings passed fire code, but the brick and metal building trapped the fire and smoke inside and firemen were unable to attack the fire from within.

“There was no sprinkler system. It was built before the mandate of the sprinkler systems, which would have tremendously helped if we had that,” said Chief Billy Briggs.

Tina’s Treasures  had been closed for about an hour when a passerby spotted smoke coming from the building Tuesday night.

The owner of Tina’s Treasures said he isn’t sure about the future of the business.

One volunteer firefighter received minor injuries and was treated and released from the Corinth hospital.

No business employees were injured.