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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused a huge fire that destroyed a Memphis business overnight.

The fire started around 2 a.m. Friday at Tag Team Tire — which used to be Hub Cap Annie — in the 1400 block of Getwell Rd. south of Kimball Ave.

Firefighters say flames were coming through the roof when they arrived on the scene.

The fire was so intense that at one point all firefighters were ordered out of the building — due to fears that the roof might collapse.

Employees who showed up few hours later say Tag Team Tire just took over the business three weeks ago. They say everything was fine when they closed up the business Thursday night.

“I locked up and made sure all the inventory was correct and I was trying to get up this morning and have a productive day and looked what happened. Unemployed. No more work,” said store manager Ardrez Clark.

Firefighters and police  kept bystanders away from the building because of the possibility of toxic smoke due to the large amount of tires and chemicals inside the business.

It took nearly an hour 90 minutes to put the fire out.

There were no injuries reported.