Fire Department reveals response time to deadly fire and why security bars can be big trouble

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Most people were likely asleep when there was the first indication that something was terribly wrong at 1173 Severson.

Firefighters got the call shortly before 1:30 am.

"Fire department companies dispatched at 0123 hours and arrive at the scene at 0127 hours, four minutes later," said Memphis Fire Director Gina Sweat.

Sweat said it was a quick response time.

What firefighters found when they got on the scene played out over several grueling minutes as body after body was found.

We listened to the scanner traffic of the fire call.

"Possibly have another inside. We have located 2 so far," said a firefighter on the scanner.

Those two victims would be just the beginning.

"Located 2 more for a total of 4 possible DOA. " said the firefighter.

"Located an additional victim for a total of 5. Need an additional engine company."

You can sense the despair in the voice of the firefighters as they find even more victims.

"Located 1 more. Total of 6 in the front yard. Six victims in the front yard."

"Total of 7 victims all in the front yard. "

There would be nine killed.

Firefighters had to go through security bars to get in the house.

It's not the first time security bars  on doors and windows had a deadly result.

In March  2011, WREG cameras were there for the aftermath of an Orange Mound fire.

A 36-year-old man died inside his home protected with security bars that kept neighbors from rescuing him when fire broke out.

"It was like a dead bolt door. I was trying to get in there and pry it off, but it would not come back," one neighbor told us.

The man inside never got out.

Bars to protect him ended up playing a role in his death.

Even then the fire department did not recommend security bars, saying they slow down firefighters response.

As WREG has reported, if you do decide to use security bars,  there are alternatives.

Choose bars with a quick release.

They allow anyone inside to get out fast.

If you already have bars without the release, upgrade to the emergency release model.

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