Families forced from their homes after Raleigh apartment fire

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  Six apartments at a Raleigh apartment complex burned early Tuesday morning, but a neighbor says a selfless deed helped her get out unharmed.

It happened around 5 a.m. at the Jennifer Meadows Apartments in the 4800 block of Kicker Cove, where investigators say an air conditioning unit caught fire due to an electrical issue.

No one was hurt, but six apartments were impacted and four families — seven adults and 10 children — were forced from their homes.

Jacqueline Temple was not expecting to hear a knock that early in the morning.

“It sounded like a boom, boom, boom, like a transformer going off,” she said.

That loud bang was actually Temple’s neighbor going door to door. She was trying to alert as many people as possible that the apartments were on fire.

Temple says there was no time to think — all she could was grab her grandchildren and run.

“I had to react, I had to act, because I had my two grandchildren in there and everybody has children.”

It wasn’t only the flames but heavy smoke as well forcing the families out into the cold.

One neighbor who was bolting back into the complex had been away after learning his grandfather had just passed away. But he quickly returned after getting word there was even more devastation to deal with — this time at his apartment, where his newborn baby was sleeping just hours before.

“It’s crazy with everything going on right now, I have a lot going on this morning, a whole lot going on,” he said.

For now, the Red Cross is helping those families left homeless, a little more than a week before Thanksgiving.

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