FedEx will store and deliver giant portable hospital during global disasters


Photo: WREG

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A large-scale portable emergency hospital that could be used during a global disaster is now being stored in pieces at a FedEx warehouse in Memphis.

Thursday, FedEx teamed up with International Medical Corps to move the 50-ton, 60-bed facility from Boise, Idaho, to its Global Supply Chain Warehouse on East Raines Road.

“When fully deployed it has twelve shelters and it can be take up the size of a football field, and it comes with all of the medical equipment required to provide trauma surgery in the aftermath of an international disaster like the 2010 earthquake in Haiti,” said Erica Tavares with International Medical Corps.

When assembled, the pop-up hospital can provide 300 surgeries and 6,000 outpatient consultations a month, and who better than FedEx to get it there on time.

“We can come down here pick it up, take it to the hub, put it on an aircraft and send it anywhere in the world,” said Dave Lusk, senior manager of global operations control at FedEx Express

This is part of the FedEx Cares program. The transportation giant is also working with the medical group to figure out how to pick and pack the portable hospital for smaller disasters.

“Maybe only five or six of our crates would have to be moved to that location,” said Lusk.

FedEx said there is no telling how much the one of kind facility will help.

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