Fed up father shoots son he catches injecting drugs


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MILWAUKEE, Wis. — A Wisconsin father reportedly shot his son after getting tired of his son doing drugs.

The 27-year-old son, who lives with his parents, was shot after eating dinner in his room.

According to WISN, the father walked by his son’s room and saw him injecting himself with what he believed to be heroin.

The son was shot in the arm.

The son denied he was using Heroin, but admitted to shooting up Suboxone which is used to treat opiate addiction.

He later admitted he lied and indeed was using heroin.

“I caught him shooting up, and I lost it. I’ve been dealing with this for a while, and I just had enough, and I did something stupid,” the father told the 911 dispatcher.

A neighbor, who is a firefighter, slowed the bleeding and likely saved the son’s life.

Numerous drugs, including marijuana and heroin, were found during a search warrant.

“I know I just ruined the rest of my life, all because I let this kid just push me to the point where enough was enough,” the father said to the 911 dispatcher.

He was arrested but has yet to be charged.

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