FBI: How crooks are redirecting direct-deposit paychecks

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a warning after receiving reports that cybercriminals are trying to get their hands on payroll information.

According to the agency, criminals are now sending phishing emails to employees prompting them to login into their payroll account. Once they click on the email link, the criminals are able to log the intended target’s username and password information.

The FBI said the criminals then go back and login to your account and change the bank account information. To make matters worse, they then change the settings on the account preventing you for ever getting notified that your information was changed.

Your hard-earned money is then deposited into another account controlled by the criminal.

There are some ways to protect yourself.

If you receive an email prompting you to login to your account, hover your cursor over the link to verify it’s from a trusted URL. Another option would be to simply open another browser and login through the trusted portal.

Never give your login information out to anyone, especially over email.

If you believe you’ve received a phishing email, be sure to send it to your IT department or Human Resources.

And always be sure to change your password regularly.

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