Fayette Co. teen wants stronger charges after she says a man tried to sell her for sex

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FAYETTE COUNTY, Tenn. — A Fayette County teenager and her family want to know why a deputy’s son isn’t facing more serious charges after the girl said he tried to sell her for sex.

WREG is keeping the 15-year-old’s identity hidden, but she and her father want her story known.

The teen said she and her 15-year-old friend met 20-year-old Jacob Presson on Snapchat.

On the morning of September 16th, she claims Presson met them at Fayette Ware High and convinced the girls to skip school.

“We got into his truck and got him something to eat,” she said.

From there, the teen said Presson drove them to another county to Lakeside Behavioral Center, so he could pick up some paperwork.

“On the way to Lakeside, he called one of his buddies asking about what you would take for a white girl. His buddy didn`t reply,” she said.

WREG asked the teen if she thought it was a joke.

“No. I really don’t. if it was a joke. He wouldn’t have taken it this far,” she replied.

When they got to Lakeside, the teen said Presson asked another man there the same disturbing question: how much would he pay for the girls.

“The guy came out, and he’s like I’ve been telling him I’m going to give $5,000 for y’all, and Jacob was like yeah he’s going to give money for y’all,” she said.

She locked the car.

“He kept knocking on the door trying to get us to open up. Finally, he walked away, and the man walked away, and we opened the door,” she said.

She said her friend then got a call from her mother furious they skipped school, so she said Presson immediately headed back. She said she noticed something when they got to Fayette County.

“And a black car was following him. Turns out, it was an undercover, and it was his father,” said the teen.

The teen said the deputy took her back to school to her parents and Presson went to jail.

He was charged with criminal trespass and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Charges, the teen and her father say don’t fit the crime.

“If he did something, he should pay for it,” she said.

A spokesperson with Fayette County Sheriff’s Office admitted Presson is a deputy’s adopted son, but assured us the case is an active investigation. He also said they’re talking to multiple agencies including the Shelby COunty Sheriff’s Office.

We learned deputies contacted Shelby County Wednesday, and an investigator with the sex crimes unit told WREG they checked known databases, searched Presson’s phone number and more. But there’s nothing to indicated he committed any sex trafficking crimes.

The teen feels otherwise.

“If he was playing, he would have stopped it but he didn’t,” she said.

WREG also reached out to Bartlett Police since Lakeside is in their jurisdiction, but they didn’t have any reports that matched.

Lakeside staff we talked to said they hadn’t heard about it either, but they’re now looking into it.

Meanwhile, Presson remains in jail on a $20,000 bond.

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