Father speaks out after daughter set on fire and killed

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COURTLAND, Miss. — A family his planning their second child’s funeral after a woman was killed.

Panola County deputies believe Jessica Chambers was set on fire and are investigating her death as a homicide.

“It’s hard for me to talk,” Ben Chambers said. “It’s hard to breathe. You don’t even think about–.”

Most people do not think about losing a child the way Ben Chambers lost his.

“When the fire department got there they say she was on fire out in the road,” Chambers recalled.

Jessica, who was 19-years-old, was burned.

“You couldn’t recognize her because she was unrecognizable,” Chambers described what he was told by doctors. “The doctor told us it wasn’t nothing we can do you know she was burned 98% of her body.”

Jessica died after being airlifted to Regional Medical Center in Memphis.

“They said that as far as they could tell like they squirted fluid down her throat and up her nose because it just burned her on the inside so bad,” Chambers said.

The Panola County Sheriff told WREG a driver dialed 911 after passing Jessica on a rural road near Highway 51 on Saturday night around 8:00 p.m.

Authorities revealed the victim was found next to the burning car.

The car was taken to the Panola County Jail in Batesville and is covered in a blue tarp.

“She had a big gash in her head like they knocked her out,” Chambers said.

Deputies were in the process of questioning people on Sunday.

The sheriff said deputies are on the lookout for two men they believe Jessica may have been with on Saturday night.

Chambers, who works as a mechanic for the Panola County Sheriff’s Office, is looking for answers and calling for action against his daughter’s killer.

“I want to see justice man,” Chambers said. Justice you know?”

Chambers is also looking for a way to make it through the holidays without his little girl.

“I’ll never have it back you know because of some evil person,” Chambers explained.

Chambers lost his son in a horrific car accident a couple of years ago.

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