Father, son arrested on drug charges after South Memphis shooting

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A father and son who share the same name and same house are now sharing drug charges.

Memphis police responded to a drive-by shooting Tuesday in the 2100 block of Kansas Street in South Memphis, and after victims were taken to the hospital, they did a safety sweep of the house.

As they looked around the house that Kevin Smith Sr. and Kevin Smith Jr. share, they found four small white tablets — bread crumbs for a much bigger discovery.

Officers say they found over 700 pills of Ecstasy and Oxycodone, bags of marijuana, firearm ammo and nearly $3,000 of cash.

Smith Sr. and Smith Jr. remain in police custody, both facing several counts of drug-related charges.

Wednesday, the house appeared to be empty. Several people in the neighborhood declined to be interviewed out of fear for their safety.

One man who has worked in the South Memphis area for years says the real crime in this family affair, is that a father led his son down a troubled path.

“Parents are corrupting their children and leading them where they don’t need to go,” David Schadle said.

Police have not found the person responsible for shooting at the home.

— Peter Fleischer, WREG

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