Father robbed at gunpoint at Berclair car wash as teen son, baby daughter look on


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Mid-South teen and his 1-year-old sister witnessed their father being robbed at gunpoint at a Berclair car wash.

Police say a man robbed the family at gunpoint while they washed their car at Jumbo Wash on Summer Avenue in early April.

The family didn’t want to be identified for their safety but say they don’t understand why he targeted them. The 14-year-old boy spoke with WREG-TV about the ordeal.

“He was just aiming at my dad. I don’t know what he had against him or something. We don’t know him at all. He just came out of nowhere,” the teenager said.

But the suspect made his presence known quickly. Family members say once they realized what was happening, they jumped into action.

“He was trying to shoot my dad like twice but they were battling for the gun. So, my dad grabbed him and pushed him against the wall,” said the teenager.

They say the man seemed preoccupied.

“He looked worried from his face. I don’t know. He wanted money,” said the teenager.

Police report the suspect took another family member’s phone. Once he realized it was fingerprint protected, he made them buy it back and then ran off, but not before cameras caught him.

The owner of the car wash says there are cameras all over the place, so this incident is surprising. The owner of the car wash said they close the bays in the back at night for safety reasons.

The family is physically ok, but they fear there could have been another, far more dangerous outcome.

“Just to see my dad fighting against him. I felt like he was going to get shot and if he got shot I knew he wasn’t going to be afraid of shooting us too,” said the teenager.

They hope the video surveillance that shows this armed robbery will help police find the suspect and bring him to justice.

“I hope they get him and he feels sad for what he did because, not only did he put our lives in danger, but my sister. My baby sister,” said the teenager.

Call CrimeStoppers if you have any information that can help police make an arrest.

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