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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Mid-South father was taken into custody after police say he attacked a juvenile and a staff member in the gym at Craigmont High School.

The staff member told police she was working the after school program in late October when Michael McMillan walked into the building followed by a male juvenile.   The woman told McMillan he couldn’t be in there, but he pushed past her and headed up the bleachers.

The man then asked his son to “point him out.” After his son responded, McMillan grabbed a juvenile that was sitting on the bleachers and struck him twice in the head before the female staff member could respond.

Again she tried to stop him and was pushed. The impact sent her tumbling backwards down the bleachers and onto the gym floor.

Other staff members were able to grab McMillan, giving the juvenile time to escape.

“You can’t go around putting your hands on other people’s children,” parent Gary Walton said. “I am shocked, because me as a father, I wouldn’t do it.”

“It could have easily turned more violent,” another parent said.

The teenager ended up with a busted lip, and the staff member was left with a swollen nose and some bruises.

Police have not said what led to the attack, but confirmed the father was charged with two counts of simple assault.