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WOODRUFF COUNTY, Ark. — Arkansas authorities are searching for answers in a case that can only be described as a complete “massacre”.

William Wiggins and his family have been raising animals on their farm for more than a decade. They’ve raised everything from miniature horses and donkeys to pigs, and each one has become part of the family.

“We loved on them, fed them bottles, took them in the house when they were sick,” the family told KARK.

They even went out to check on them regularly.  That usually welcomed encounter turned into a nightmare last week when they went to check on the animals Friday morning. In their enclosed pen, all of the animals – except one little goat – were dead.

Their family, wiped out by an unknown assailant.

In a Facebook post, the Woodruff County Sheriff’s Department called the incident “a massacre” and asked for helping solving this case.

The outpouring of support has been so great, locals have even set up a cash reward.

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