Family wants justice for man murdered giving ride to a friend

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Family members want justice for a young man they said was gunned down Tuesday night after giving a ride to a friend.

It happened at the Sycamore Lake Apartments in northeast Memphis. Police said three men were shot, one fatally wounded, when someone fired into their vehicle.

The man who was killed, 22-year-old Jango Gomez, was the manager of Home Decor Outlets on Summer Avenue.

“He came to Memphis to work. He didn’t come to hang out with people or do anything bad; he just came to work,” said Alfonsina Gomez, the victim’s sister. “Literally, that’s all he’s doing. I don’t understand it.”

Alfonsina Gomez, and her fiance, Jonathan Goggins, said Jango moved to Memphis from New York City three years ago for the job opportunity and won a cruise in January for having the best store in the company.

“He worked his way from a sales associate all the way to the store manager in a couple of years,” Goggins said. “That just shows the drive, that shows ambition, and that shows passion, and that bothers me. I hate it to my core.”

Goggins and Gomez, also from New York, said the violence in Memphis is out of control, and they won’t rest until they get justice for Jango.

“In his heart, all he did was love before, you know, it’s not fair for someone like him who was never near any gangs or never around any of that stuff to be gunned down because his association, that’s not fair,” Goggins said.

They said young people in the community need more guidance, more programs to keep them out of trouble and a lot more love.

“The biggest weapon I’ve ever seen is the Bible,” Goggins said. “Best basic instructions before leaving Earth hands down.”

The couple is asking the public to help police find the people responsible.

“Just call them with as many tips as you can,” Goggins said. “Let’s find out who did this because it’s not fair because if that happened to him, it’s sure going to happen to somebody else.”

The family has set up a GoFundMe campaign to pay for Jango’s funeral in New York.

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