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(Memphis) A North Memphis family says alcoholism is to blame for a grandfather stabbing his grandson to death.

Harold Gray, 64, was in court Tuesday for an arraignment.

The victim’s family came hoping the judge would charge him with first degree murder.

Gray is charged with second degree murder and allegedly told police that he stabbed his grandson Anthony Morris because dinner wasn’t ready.

Morris’s family wore t-shirts with his picture on it to court, showing the judge they care and want charges increased against the man who took his life.

“Second-degree murder? No. I think he should get first because he planned this. He thought about it before he did it,” said Grace Alexander, the victim’s mother.

Gray is accused of stabbing his wife’s grandson to death because the 31-year old didn’t have dinner ready when Gray got home from work.

“He kept mumbling to himself ‘You’ll see’ and I asked him what he was talking about and he said ‘You’ll see. You just wait. You’ll see’,” said Mildred Gray, the suspect’s wife and victim’s grandmother.

Gray’s wife Mildred says she was there and there was no fight about dinner, just a drunk man angry for no reason.

“He was opening the chili and my grandson came through the door in the kitchen. I heard my husband tell my grandson ‘Get out of here,’” said Mildred.

Mildred says she spent years trying to get help for her husband’s drinking problem.

“When he’s drinking he just like a demon.”

On April 25th, she says he took out his drunken rage on her grandson, stabbing him.

“I got up and blood was just running everywhere,” said Mildred. “And he crawled out to the car port.”

Midlred she lay a towel over her grandson in the car port while she and his 6-year-old child tried to stop the bleeding.

“His son started throwing up real bad. I told him to move back move but he stayed there with his dad.”

The six-year-old now has to live with this memory and grow up without a father.

Mildred says despite gray’s alcoholism, she believes he deserves no leniency in court.

“I want to see him rotting in jail. It’s sad to say but I want to see him rot in jail. I hope he never gets out of jail.”

As for the victim’s mother, she says she spoke to Gray in jail and  he says he remembers stabbing her son, but can give no answer as to why.

The family says they tried to get Gray to seek help for his alcoholism for years, through church and AA, but he refused.

His next court date is set for May 6.