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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman has been in and out of surgery for days after being attacked by dogs in North Memphis.

Quita Brown’s family said they’re upset with law enforcement in light of their loved one’s life-altering injuries.

“She’s not gonna walk again,” godmother Phyllis Hughes said. “She felt everything. She says she felt everything that was going through her body. She was in and out of consciousness, and she was laying in that field for an hour.”

Family members said Brown was walking through a field near Lucille Price Park in North Memphis when three dogs jumped a fence and attacked her, leaving her mangled and bleeding.

WREG has pictures of Brown’s injuries, but they are too graphic to share.

The family said one of her legs has already required amputation, and doctors are working to save the second leg.

“The other one, they’re trying to reconstruct or save, if they can,” Hughes said. “But they are having complications behind it, from what I know.”

The incident report says police checked dogs at a nearby house who have gotten out before, but there was no evidence to associate them with the attack, so no charges have been filed. Brown’s family is frustrated by what they perceive as a lack of accountability.

“The amount of dogs that attacked her, this should have been made aware that there’s dogs hopping fences and attacking people,” Hughes said.

WREG visited the area Friday, but no residents knew about the dogs in question.

“I’m very worried it could happen to somebody else,” Hughes said. “I think they should do something about the dog issue itself.”

The Brown family is in the process of setting up a fundraiser.