Family searching for missing Tipton County man

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TIPTON COUNTY, Tenn. — A Mid-South man has been missing for almost two weeks, and his family is asking for help to bring him home.

Family of Tipton County resident Michael Todd Marbry said going silent like this is completely unlike him. It’s been 11 days and counting since they’ve seen or heard from him.

The family is trying to stay hopeful, but they’re afraid of the worst. They’re desperate for any information about their missing loved one.

Michael Todd Marbry was last seen on Williams Switch Road in Lauderdale County on August 6 after spending the night with a friend. There’s confusion about whether he walked off or was picked up.

“One person’s saying he went this way; he left in a car; no, he went out on foot,” Marbry’s son-in-law Blake Simmons said. “There’s just so many different stories.”

He hasn’t been seen or heard from since, and a missing persons report has been filed both in Tipton County and in Lauderdale County.

“He’s always in contact with his daughter,” Simmons said. “He loves his daughter. And he’s a hard worker, and they have work lined up. It’s not like him to miss work.”

Residents said police have searched the area numerous times this week, including the heavily wooded area nearby.

Marbry’s family said he uses a WiFi phone, so they’ve been unable to track him like that, and he’s been inactive on social media as well.

His daughter is trying to stay positive but is desperate for information.

“I hope so. If you are daddy, please let me know,” Maygen Marbry said. “Because I need you right now; I really do. I just want him to know that I love him, and I want him back safe.”

Anyone with any information about Michael Todd Marbry is asked to call local law enforcement.

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