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FORT CAMPBELL, KY– The mother of a Fort Campbell soldier says she’ll stop at nothing to find her daughter. Family members said they haven’t heard from 25-year-old Fort Campbell soldier Shadow McClaine in ten days. Now, Army officials have launched an investigation into her disappearance.

“I haven’t heard from my daughter since Friday, Sept. 2, and I speak to her every day,” said London Wegrzyn. “I haven’t heard from her, and it’s highly unusual.”

Wegrzyn has no reason to believe her daughter’s at Prizer Point in Cadiz, Kentucky, but she still stopped there Monday after hearing it was a popular place with Fort Campbell soldiers. Wegrzyn has traveled to Kentucky from California to meet with her father and sister. The three are searching for leads together.

“I won’t take any stone unturned,” said Wegrzyn. “We have a special relationship. She’s my only daughter. She’s very independent, very strong-willed. She’s fearless.”

Wegrzyn said it was those qualities that led Shadow to become a soldier with Fort Campbell, deploying to South Korea and Afghanistan. A rep for Fort Campbell said Shadow did not report to post as scheduled Tuesday.

“I think somebody did something to her, and somebody knows something,” said Wegrzyn. “I’m worried there’s foul play involved. I’m not leaving without her. One way or another, I’m not leaving without her.”

Fort Campbell reps said Shadow’s vehicle is a silver two-door 2013 Hyundai Elantra with the California tag, 7A0D003.

Wegrzyn said she’ll continue to drive through Tennessee and Kentucky, searching for that vehicle and anything else that can lead her to McClaine.

“If someone has you, Shadow, I’ll find them,” she said. “If you can get ahold of me or law enforcement, do all you can. We love you. You have a strong, loving family. We’re not going to stop until we find you.”

If you have any information about McClaine, contact U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) at 270-798-9406. Fort Campbell Military Police can be reached at 270-798-0416. You can also provide information to Army CID Headquarters in Virginia at 1-844-ARMY-CID (1-844-276-9243) or email