Family prepares to lay Britney Allgood to rest

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Britney Allgood, the 18-year-old who was stabbed to death by another woman last week, will be laid to rest Saturday.

Allgood’s family says she was an honor student and planned to go to college. They spoke with WREG on Friday.

“Scholarship, model, beautiful girl. Come on now. Everything going for her. Beautiful girl,” said Randy McNatt, her grandfather.

McNatt wears a blue cross around his neck in support of law enforcement, but this time he says he can’t support the police department’s decision to not charge the woman who stabbed his granddaughter.

“This girl tried to run her over,” he said. “This girl chose to pull in that parking lot and do harm’s way with her baby in the car. She chose that. It is not self defense, it’s murder.”

This case has gone beyond the city of Memphis.

Celebrity recording artist K Michelle took to Twitter on Thursday. One post read “Britney Allgood. What happened to you wasn’t right.”

As videos keep surfacing and hate messages keep coming, Allgood’s family just wants it all to stop.

“Can we grieve the right way? Without having to worry about capturing a memory of her on Facebook and then looking at the bottom to see somebody talk bad about her?” Allgood’s stepfather Phillip Brittenum asked.

They say Allgood’s friends and the other woman’s friends had fights before.

And although they know Allgood wasn’t completely innocent, they believe police should look into the several other pieces to this puzzle.

“Justice should be justice,” Brittenum said. “It shouldn’t be ‘just us’ sitting over here having to deal with burying our baby and there is nothing being done behind it.”


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