Family of woman killed by husband after argument in Frayser speaks out

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Frayser man will be heading back to the Mid-South after a weekend arrest in Milwaukee.

Police say Markese Gibbs shot and killed his wife, Natausha Gibbs, and her God brother, Izeal Jones, outside the couple’s home in Frayser Saturday night. Now, family members say this was not the first time he had been aggressive.

Markese Gibbs

As Natausha’s family packed her belongings, her father showed us where she was killed along with Jones.

It was Jones’ 37th birthday.

“There was blood all down here,” Calvin Smith said. “I’m broken-hearted.”

The family said Markese took his clothes out of the home because the two were breaking up.

Just hours before the shooting, there was a status posted on the couples Facebook page they shared saying, “Guess what, I’m sitting thinking everybody know I love my wife but why I got to get played.”

Natausha’s family said Markese thought she was cheating on him.

“She said she was tired and didn’t want to fight anymore,” Natausha’s sister Sharonda Smith-Johnson said.

They said days leading up to her death, she became distant and “not herself.”

Although the relationship was ending, Markese decided to come back to the house Saturday night. That’s when he’s accused of exchanging words with Jones before shooting him.

“Tasha was like, ‘I know you didn’t just kill my brother.’ So he ran on the porch and shot her in the head,” Smith-Johnson said.

Police found the two dead when they arrived.

Natausha’s family believes Jones may had been run-over after he was shot.

They said it’s been a tough road. They have had to bury three siblings in the last three years.

They tell WREG Natausha had custody of her deceased sisters children, ages 1 and 9 and both of the children were in the home when Natausha and Jones were killed.

“The 1-year-old saw her laying on the porch and came out trying to pick her up,” Natausha’s cousin Madison Banks said.

The family feels like they just can’t catch a break from tragedy.

Both families describe Natausha’s God brother, Jones, as a loving and dependable father of four.

They describe Natausha as someone with a big-heart.

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