Family of missing elderly woman keeps faith after ground search is suspended: ‘We’re a strong family’

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — After suspending the ground search for an 85-year-old woman battling Alzheimer’s Disease, deputies are still patrolling areas, hoping to bring Pandora Duckett home.

Duckett’s family is using every resource available in their search for answers.

“People know us. They know the Ducketts,” Duckett’s son, Kirk Duckett, said.

Police say she vanished Monday morning after she was seen walking from her home.

Relying on the strength of their family name, Kirk says he turned to Facebook to find the woman who claims to have picked Duckett up Monday morning before she disappeared.

“Some young lady took her to the store, then brought her back and dropped her at the other end of Rosswood over there,” he said.

Through the power of social media, it took no time for the family to find Radricka Settles. She told them she saw Duckett walking in Raleigh on Monday morning.

The family says Settles told them she gave the elderly woman a ride to the store, because she didn’t want to leave her walking in the cold.

“It’s a good lead,” Kirk said.

Surveillance footage from the convenience store shows Duckett trying to pick up chips and a drink.

They were snacks she didn’t buy because it cost too much. The clerk told us the confusion was written all over Duckett’s face.

“We want the neighborhood to know we’re a strong family. We going to hold out until she come home. That’s all we can do,” Kirk said.

Settles told Facebook that she dropped Duckett off near a dead-end on Rosswood because that’s where the woman said she lived.

It turned out to be the right street, but the wrong address. Duckett lives at least five houses down from where she told Settles to stop.

Settles says she watched Duckett walk to the door. But she didn’t see her go inside because she was in a hurry to get home to her children.

She then says, not even twenty seconds later, something told her to turn around. But by that time, Duckett had disappeared.

The missing woman’s family believes finding Settles put them one step closer to seeing Duckett again.

“We going to stick together until she show up,” Kirk said.

Now that Settles has come forward, investigators believe the last time she was seen was 9:30 Monday morning.

The entire community has also joined in on the search by assembling their own search teams.

Authorities say if you see Duckett, dial 911.

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