Marshall County authorities search for suspect after man beaten to death


Michael Buffington

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — Authorities are searching for an “extremely dangerous” suspect after a man was beaten to death Sunday near Moore’s Grocery Store on Highway 72.

Family members identified the victim to WREG’s Nina Harrelson as Frank Boldin. They said Boldin and a family member were outside a trailer when a known individual drove up, attacked the family member with a two-by-four before turning on Boldin. He was then beaten to death, they said.

A man working nearby said he believes he heard the attack.

“When I was taking out the trash I heard a loud crack. It sounded like someone was hitting a baseball. And then approximately 30 to 40 seconds after that I heard another crack, and after that, one of the guys who witnessed it walked down and said this guy’s face and head was split wide open.”

Family members said they are not sure why anyone would attack Boldin.

An arrest warrant was issued for  Michael Buffington, who also goes by Michael Wells and “Lil Mike.”

Marshall and Tate County Sheriff’s deputies are conducting the search for Buffington. He is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

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