Family holds vigil for man gunned down during ice cream run


MEMPHIS, Tenn. – There are still no arrests days after a 21-year-old man was gunned down during an ice cream run at a Hickory Hill convenience store.  

Wednesday evening, relatives and friends of Cedric Birdsong Jr. crammed into the parking lot of Raines In and Out where Birdsong was killed Saturday. 

They lit candles and released balloons.  

“It’s not all on me. Whoever took his life, they took it from, not only me, they took it from all these people,” said Cedric Birdsong Sr.  

Birdsong’s family is still trying to figure out why he was killed. Police haven’t said.  

“We getting information but we ain’t getting the right information, you know what I’m saying. We’ve been beating the streets trying to find out what’s going on,” said a man who identified himself as Birdsong’s uncle.  

Antonio Snipes, another one of Birdsongs uncles, feels police would have more to go on were their surveillance cameras at the side of the convenience store. He also takes issue with how quickly the store reopened after his nephew’s death, and Wednesday, directed his friends to block entrances to the store. 

“So is this what you do? Okay, well we show you how we do it. We gonna close the gas station down until we feel it’s necessary, then we’ll leave,” said Snipes. 

Birdsong’s father said he has no animosity towards gas station management. He’s just focused on remembering his son and seeking justice.  

“I’m gonna miss everything about him. It’s nothing – I mean, everything, good and bad,” he said.  

Police are asking anyone with information about Birdsong’s murder to call Crimestoppers at 528-CASH

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