Family holds vigil at Mt. Moriah business where man shot, killed


Family and friends lit candles at a vigil for Lamorris Robinson.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Family and Friends of Lamorris Robinson hosted a vigil in the parking lot of the storage facility on Mount Moriah where he was shot and killed Wednesday.

Memphis Police say Charles Kalb shot Robinson with an illegal weapon. According to court records, Kalb, who works next door at Mid-South Small Engines, shot Robinson in the back with a sawed-off shotgun after he stole a chainsaw and took off running.

Lamorris Robinson

Robinson’s mother, Stacey Robinson, said her son was gunned down like an “animal.”

“He wasn’t a harm. He wasn’t a threat to anyone,” said Latrice Greer, mother of Robinson’s children. “He didn’t have a gun. They shot him down while he was running away trying to make it home.”

Kalb’s attorney said in court that, despite the fact that Robinson was running away, Kalb was indeed in fear of his life.

Robinson’s family members say there’s more to the story but declined to go into further detail.

“The news is reporting facts that are not true,” said Greer. “A lot of the information that is on TV and Facebook is false.”

Family said there is a GoFundme account to help cover the costs of his funeral.


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