Family ‘grateful to God’ after conjoined twins successfully separated at Le Bonheur

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s been one big celebration all day as Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital successfully separated conjoined twins. On Wednesday, the doctors and family went over their experiences on this journey. “I want to thank Miracle and Testimony for choosing me as their mom, I’m so so grateful,” said Mary Ayeni. Emotions were present on Miracle and Testimony’s first birthday. The two little girls were born in Nigeria as conjoined twins. “When you see a baby, being joined in this situation, you will be so amazed. You will be so surprised at how could this be?” said the twin’s father, Sam Ayeni. And now that surprise has turned into what they call a blessing. The Linking Hands Foundation set the family up with Le Bonheur where they met with over a hundred faculty members including 20 doctors and surgeons. The twins have spent the last four months here at Le Bonheur undergoing preparations for the procedure with the actual surgery taking 18 hours.
That surgery was a success.  Now only blood connects the two babies as doctors say they should someday be able to walk and live normal lives. “I was so excited,” said Mary. “The tears you see back there were tears of joy because if you see the way the twins were before and you see them now, you will be grateful to God.” Faith’s been prevalent from start to finish in this journey. “For me one of the foundations I think probably for most of the team that it was preparation and prayer,” said Doctor Gerald Jenkins. The Ayeni family said Memphis will forever feel like a home to them,but they plan to return to Nigeria with their 3-year-old daughter and the twins. “We as parents are happy that they are alive and safe, strong and healthy,” said Mary. Gratitude that could be felt by everyone in the room. The surgeries and costs associated with their stay were done pro-bono.

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