Family gets death threats after Internet falsely accuses former Memphian in Las Vegas shooting

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BELLA VISTA, Ark. – The family of Geary Danley, the man who amateur, online detectives falsely labeled the Las Vegas shooter, made a statement Monday after they started getting death threats.

Investigators said that Marilou Danley, Geary Danley’s ex-wife and a person of interest, was a companion of Stephen Paddock. Paddock is accused of opening fire from a room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino onto a country music festival, killing 59 people and injuring  527 people. Investigators said that Paddock was using some of Marilou’s identification, but they do not believe she was involved in the shooting.

Geary was married to Marilou, 62, for more than two decades before separating in April of 2013 and then divorcing in February of 2014.

The couple lived at several addresses in Memphis during the 1990s and 2000s. Geary Danley was an auditor for FedEx.

Geary moved to Bella Vista after the couple split. His family said they don’t know Stephen Paddock and had no knowledge of he and Marilou’s relationship.

“The people are hurting and they want to lash out and they are lashing out at the wrong family, wrong people,” Geary’s daughter said.

The family said that they have been receiving death threats because of their connection to Marilou. They said they want people to know that social media has spun this out of control and jumped to conclusions that their father was involved.

“Our family, and all our extended family, the Danleys, have been getting death threats,” his daughter said.

The family said their father was shocked by the news.

“I reiterate he has no knowledge of Mr. Paddock or any knowledge as to why Mr. Paddock would do such a horrible horrible thing,” his daughter said. “Once again, our hearts and prayers are with everyone in Las Vegas and those affected.”

The family said Marilou was a “wonderful” person and described her as kind and giving, adding that they hadn’t heard from her.

On Tuesday, authorities spoke with Marilou, who was in the Philippines. She was out of the country the night the shooting happened.

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